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Publish a Print Piece

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Once you have created a print piece (Feature Sheet, Brochure, or a Listing Postcard), you will have to decide how to Distribute it.

1. From the Studio menu click on 'Promote a Listing'

2. Scroll down to 'Finished Pieces For This Listings' and click the 'Distribute' button on the piece of your choice

3. Choose your Distribution options

  1. Generate a PDF that you can save and print
  2. Download as image
  3. Attach to your online listing as a downloadable file
  4. Start an email from the Studio with the item as an attachment
  5. Share on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Gmail, or a selection of email apps)

Additional options

- Save: save your published print piece on your Google Drive

- Edit: edit your Print Piece so you can modify information/pictures

- Preview: generates a preview of your work in a new window

- Delete: erase your published print piece

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