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Create and Edit a Print Piece for a Listing

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A Print Piece summarizes the special features of a property, using key images to help potential buyers remember the listing and your contact info. It is usually distributed at an open house but can be mailed or emailed to prospective buyers or placed by the lawn sign for drive-by buyers. Also you can use them to market your own listings or as takeaway when you work someone else's open house.

1. From the top menu bar click on 'Studio'

2. Go to 'Promote a Listing'

3. Select the listing of your choice from the left hand side

Use the 'My Listings' and 'Active Listings' drop down menus to filter available listings

4. Once you've selected your listing click on 'Create New Piece'

5. Choose a form Factor

Form Factors available are: Feature Sheet, Brochure, Postcard, Slideshow, Single Property Website

6. Select a style to display its preview and information

7. Click on 'Choose This Design'

8. You can now edit your Print Piece

1- Name your Print Piece (and whether or not you want to use that name for your Social Media)
2- Click in the different areas of the Piece to edit text and images
3- Depending on the selected Piece, make sure you edit the different Slides available
4- Preview your ongoing work
5- Choose if you want to Save to get back to it later or click Next to Distribute your Piece

TIP: Name your promo pieces so you can easily find it later. You might want to start a system for yourself, for example, by labelling it with the address and type of material, as in 123MainStreet_feature

9. Finally choose how you want to distribute your Piece

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