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Adding high-resolution images

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Listing images originally received from the board are loaded as web optimized. These images are suitable for viewing on the web, and are usually a lower resolution for file size consideration.  If you try to enlarge a low resolution image for print, it may turn out blurry or pixelated. You will need to upload a high resolution photo for optimal print quality.  

Have your images ready before you start this process. You will be able to upload images from your computer or from a thumb drive, but make sure it is high-resolution (XX what is the min size) and that the orientation is correct (portrait or landscape).

Check your image dimension by opening the image file properties

On Mac OS

Right click on your image file > Get Info

On Windows

Right click on the image file > Properties

To add images

Adding images is a two-step process:

- loading your images and
- arranging them in the order you want them to be presented.

1. Select the Manage High Resolution Photos tab that is directly under the image of the listing you are working on

2. Drag and drop your image file (1) or click the 'Upload a File' button' (2). Click the 'Save' button when you are done (3)

Upload all you images one by one before clicking the Save button

3. You can change the order of the images with a simple drag and drop

Remove an image

Drag the image to the trash icon on the window

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