Scoring Leads

Updated May 13, 2018

Take their temperature. First off, send them the info they've requested. But don't stop there. Ask some qualifying questions to see if they're a hot, warm or cold lead. Are they looking to buy or sell? What's their time-frame? Let them know you're there to help whenever they're ready to do business. And don't forget to ask permission to contact them in the future (check off the CASL consent tab if they say okay).

1. Go to 'My Leads' to see all your new Leads

2. For each Leads you can click on the 'Lead Score' and 'Status' drop down menus to do a quick scoring

3. For a more advanced scoring, click on the Lead's name and go to 'Contact Details'

4. Scroll down and click on 'Save Changes' when you are done

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