New Leads

Updated May 14, 2018

So you have a message or info request that came through your personal website. The good news is that the contact information is automatically fed into My Book right away (from your Jumptools website or using the lead form generator on third party websites) so you can work on turning it into a money-making opportunity.

First impressions count, and the fastest way to lose a lead is to ignore it. My Book is specifically designed to ensure you maintain momentum with daily reminders to keep in touch so leads don't fall off your radar.

1. Click on the 'My Book' button in the top menu bar

The number flagged beside the icon will let you know how many new leads you have at a glance

2. In My Book, click in the 'My Leads' tab to view all of your new leads

3. You can also view your 'New Leads' and 'Contacts; at a glance from your Calendar

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