Updated May 17, 2018

My Book lets you categorize Contacts in three key types.

1. Lead

A Lead (Prospect) is someone you don't know personally, but to whom you would like to market your services. Someone filling out a form on your ClientClick website would come to My Book as a Lead.  

You can sub-categorize a Lead with :
- Lead Score: New Lead, Hot Lead, Warm Lead, Cold Lead
- Estimated Buy/Sell Date: Unknown / < 1 month / < 3 months / < 6 months / < 1 year / < 2 years / < 3 years / < 5 years / < 7 years
- Expected Transaction: Buyer, Seller, Buyer & Seller, Unknown

2. Contact

A Contact (Client) is someone with whom you already have an established relationship, and can be anyone from a former colleague to a parent in your child's school. Basically, if you were to call them, they would know who you are and be open to hearing from you.

You can sub-categorize a Contact with an ABCD grading system that informs you how likely it is to work with you or refer you

The ABCD grading system

A Contact is someone who has already referred others to you or is highly likely to do so.

B Contacts may refer if reminded.

C Contacts may become a referral source at some point in the future.

D Contacts are unlikely to refer, so it makes sense to contact them only if you've exhausted all your A, B and C options that week.


Not sure how to determine A versus B contacts? Keeping track of their transaction histories gives you a snapshot of their lifetime value to you in terms of transactions and referrals. More on that here. (link to recording transactions)

3. Business Contact

A Business Contact can be another Realtor, a mover, real estate lawyer, stager – anyone you would refer or would refer you.

Make sure you fill out the CASL section accordingly for any Contact type. Remember, if you don't have CASL consent checked off, the system will prevent you from sending emails to that contact - for your protection. More information on CASL Consent here.

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