Log a Call

Updated May 17, 2018

Build an activity history. Whenever you talk to someone, email them, send them a text or interact with them on social media, use this feature to keep track.

1. In My Book, Leads or Business Contact, go to the Contact of your choice and click the 'Log an activity' button

You can also open the Contact by clicking on its name and then the '+' sign in the 'Activity History' section

2. Specify activity type (phone call, email, drop-by, etc.), the date and time you touched base, and add useful info into Notes.

Were you asked to follow up in a couple of months? You can schedule that call right away on the same screen in the Next Step section

And if you get a referral from the call? Click the Received referral button, and the system will automatically add the info to both Contacts, so you can see who made the referral and who was referred. You can also schedule in a reminder to reach out to the referral in a timely manner – My Book will remind you.

NOTE: when you open up the Received referral screen, there's a Next Step field. Remember – those are the next steps for the person that just got referred to you.

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