Enable Sync with your Google account

Updated May 08, 2017

The My Book CRM allows you to sync your CRM contacts and calendar appointments with your Google Contacts and Google Calendar accounts.

1. Click on 'Enable Google Sync' button in the top right of the window

Before you begin the process. you must enable pop ups for your internet browser.

2. In the new window click 'Enable' to confirm Google Sync

3. Click on 'Authorize Jumptools'

Once you have authorized Jumptools to access your Google account the following will happen on initial sync:

-Appointments from your CRM calendar will be pushed to your default Google calendar.

-Contacts from the CRM will be pushed to you Google Contacts account.

-Your Google contacts will be retrieved (for more details on this, continue to Step 6)

4. Once connected to Google, select the correct account you want to Sync with

5. Click 'Allow' to Sync the listed items

After clicking Allow the window will close and the Sync process will begin. The Google Sync button will display as Complete or Contacts Found when done.

6. To begin importing contacts, click on 'New Contacts Found'

7. In this new window you will select contacts, determine contact type etc.

See the Contact Types and Consent section for more details or sorthing your contacts.

8. For each row check off the box beside the contact to include them in your import

9. Once you've followed the steps above for all contacts you want to import on that page, use the 'Next' button to continue on to your next page of contacts.

10. Proceed with importing your contacts by clicking on one of the three buttons

Proceed - No Import: Click this button if you do not wish to import Contacts from Google

Import Selected - Done: Click this button if you have sorted settings for ALL desired contacts. When you connect in the future, those contacts you elected not to import will not be presented again as import options.

Import - Revisit Later: Click this button if you have finished setting up some of your contacts but need to take a break, you can click on ‘Import – revisit later” to import the selected contacts. When you connect again later, the Google contacts you didn’t import yet will be presented to you to allow you to complete the import process.

Any changes made to sync’d contacts in either Google Contacts or your CRM will be reflected on the next login.

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