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Register a New Domain Name with Jumptools

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As a Jumptools user we provide you with a default domain name so you can start using your website right after setting it up. A default Jumptools domain looks like the following: agents.jumptools.com/username (you can edit the username)
Even though is is fully functional that way, having your own domain name looks more professional (ie www.yourname.ca)

A domain name is a unique label which identifies a website from all the other websites on the internet. As a business owner a domain name is important for several reasons:
- it gives your business credibility and make you look more professional
- it helps you build your brand
- it improve your search engine results (good for your SEO)

1. From the 'Site Builder' dashboard, go to 'Domain Name Registration'

2. Click on 'Register a Domain Name'

3. Type in the name of the domain name you would like to use to check if it's available

How to choose your domain name?

A custom domain name, like www.yourname.com, is a starting point when talking about promoting your website. This is the easiest way for someone to access it. It doesn’t have to be your name, but it is very popular in the real estate business as an agent’s name is often his/her brand’s name. You can also pick a specific area you plan to farm for your real estate (ie www.gtarealestate.ca; www.vancouvercondos.com).
If you need tips to choose something different keep in mind that it should be: memorable, relevant, easy to spell, short and unique.

  1. do not type the domain extension in the name field, instead select it from the checkboxes beside. Available options are: .ca / .com / .net / .org
  2. the Status section will indicate you if the domain is available or already taken. In the latter the message Domain is not available will show
  3. choose the period for which you want to subscribe the domain name in the Registration length drop down menu
  4. click Register a Domain Name

Domain Registration Lengths are:

1 year - $40
2 years - $72
3 years - $105
4 years - $136
5 years - $165

5. You will most likely have to select 'Registrant Type: Canadian Citizen'. Then enter your name and 'Submit'

6. Confirm you 'Domain Owner Contact Details'

7. and 'Billing Info'

8. Enter your payment details and click 'Pay Now'

Once your domain is purchased you must link it to your website in the Site Builder in order to make it work

9. Go to 'Edit My Website'

10. Click on 'General Information'

11. Scroll down to 'Domain Settings' and enter your newly purchased domain name

12. Scroll back up, click on 'Save' and '4:Publish'

13. Finally click on the 'Publish' button to make your changes live

Please be informed that domain name registration might take up to a couple days to complete, so your domain won't start working straight after purchase.

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