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Setting Up Your Email Drip Campaign


Drip email campaigns, or stay-in-touch campaigns, are series of emails sent out at predetermined intervals for your leads. They are a great way to automate and standardize your sales processes and your outbound client stay-in-touch communication

The overall goal is improve your lead conversions and increase referral flow from your sphere of influence and past clients. When you get in touch with a lead, there’s a better chance of that lead turning into a client if they remember you and you stay in the forefront of their minds as a real estate expert. To help that purpose, you can send out informative emails at certain dates which serves to help inform your leads and also so they remember you. 

Drip campaign emails are professionally written and formatted with up-to-date relevant content and branded graphics.  

If you haven't got any contacts in My Book yet, please start by adding contacts. Campaigns need contacts in order to operate.

View the Video Tutorial

1. From your Jumptools dashboard, click on 'Campaigns' from the top menu bar

Home - Google Chrome

2. Click on 'Manage Drip' to open the Drip Email summary

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

3. Use this window to Preview and edit emails

You can review past lead incubation drip campaigns on this page.

Click "Manage Campaigns" to set up a new campaign

4. Review the available Drip Campaigns here

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

5. Click "Go" under the View column to review the emails in this campaign

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Uncheck to remove an email from this campaign
  2. Day # indicates from when a contact was added to this campaign.  (example: "Understanding what you can afford" will be sent to a client on Day 16 after they've been added
  3. Click "Edit" to edit that content of this email
  4. Click "Test" to send a test email to yourself.
Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

You can reorder the dates by dragging and dropping each item into different rows

5.1. Editing An Email

You can make edits to an existing email or delete all of it and add your own original content

  1. Edit the subject line
  2. Edit your content
  3. Highlighted in brackets indicates this is a Placeholder.  When this campaign is generated, these placeholders will be replaced by your profile information. You can manage your profile in your settings
Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

Settings to Preview, Reset or complete is at the bottom of this window.

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome
5.2. Assigning contacts to your email campaign

Click on "Go" in the Assign column to assign contacts

Click "Add Contacts"

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

You will be able to review details of your email campaign results here

Select from any record type. You can add Groups, contacts, leads and business contacts
You can also search for an existing contact or lead.

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

Add or remove contacts or groups from the "Available" column to the "Selected" column.   Click "Save" once completed.

Use the double arrows  ">>" to move all items in each columns to the other.

Click "save" when done.

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome

You can review the Campaign recipients.  In the "CASL" column, it will indicate if there is no CASL consent from that contact.  Learn more about CASL.

Campaigns Dashboard - Google Chrome
Results descriptions

Total sent - the number of eNewsletter emails sent

Open Count - how many people opened your email

Unopen count - how many emails have not been opened

Bounce count - how many emails did not reach an email address

Unsubscribed - how many recipients selected "unsubscribe"

CASL Exceptions - contacts in your delivery list who have not consented to receive an email from you as per CASL

Views - how many time a client has opened and viewed your email content

Clicks - how many times a client has clicked a link in your email

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