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Create and Edit a Single Property Website

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The Studio has design templates for slideshows that you can use for your marketing materials. See also Design Gallery section.

1. Go to the Studio

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

2. How to start

To start creating a new Single Property Website, you can quickly get started with the Design Gallery. You can also select this from "Promote A Listing" or choose a design directly from the Design Gallery.   The following are tutorials for each method.

2.1. Use the Design Wizard
Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Select "Promote A Listing"

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Select the listing you would like to promote.  Listings are added from your automated listing feed.  They include the listing details and photos from the MLS.

If your listings is not yet on the MLS, you can also create an upcoming listing.  [ Learn about how to create an upcoming listing here. ]

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

3. Choose a design

In the next window click "Choose This Design"

Each design will have a description and suggested use.  

4. Edit your Single Property Website

You can edit in place, so what you see on the builder is what you see on the website.


  1. Edit Page Name
  2. Set Language
  3. Edit Menu items
  4. Click on photos to add or manage them
  5. Click on text fields to edit text
  6. Click to see your menu bar.
Marketing Home - Google Chrome

With menu bar open

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

5. Edit In Place

The text fields will appear with a border. Click within these boxes to edit the text or add information

When adding text, you can use the style editor to format.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Some fields are preformatted

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Add/edit your property features

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

6. Editing Your Pages

To rename, reorder or create a new custom page, click "Edit Menu Items"

Marketing Home - Google Chrome
  1. Use the arrows to reorder items
  2. Click on each item to rename them
  3. Turn them on or off
  4. Create a Custom page
  5. Press "Done" to close
Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Go to a page to edit it's content (please note, the Page Menu appears different for other designs)

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

6.1. How to edit each page


Start by clicking the field in the Video page.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

In the window that appears click "+Add Another" and click the field that appears.


Marketing Home - Google Chrome

In the next window, scroll down to add your video link.  The video editor supports embeds from Youtube and Vimeo.

Copy and paste your video URL into the "Video Link" field.

You can add some additional text in the text field above.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Click "Done" to close.


42 UNIVERSAL WAY - Google Chrome

You can add a mortgage calculator here by enabling the RateHub mortgage calculcator.  

Alternatively you can link or embed another mortgage calculator code onto this page. For assistance with this, please contact our Support team.  

To start, click on the field on the Financing page.

In the window that appears click "+Add Another" and click the field that appears.

Select "Show RateHub Calculator"

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

7. Click "Save" to save your work. Click "Next" to publish your website.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

8. Publishing Your Single Property Website

If you don't have a custom domain name for your Site, make sure to take note of the Website default link to access the site and share it with people.
Click View Website to go directly to the newly published Site.

Enable the site by clicking the switch

Your website default link is posted here.  Before clicking "View Website" click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

Add Google Analytics to your page.
To learn more about Google Analytics, visit this link

Marketing Home - Google Chrome

If you are using a custom domain, select "External URL" under "Hosted URL" and add the URL below.

Learn more about registering a custom domain

Click "Update" to finalize publishing the website. Your default URL will now be available.  Click "Edit" to make changes or "delete" your Single Property Website here.

Marketing Home - Google Chrome
Marketing Home - Google Chrome
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