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Create and Edit a Listing Slideshow

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1. Click on 'Smart' from the top menu bar

2. Click on 'Promote a Listing' in the left hand side menu

3. In the left hand side menu, select the listing you want to promote

The Studio will default to your active personal listings, however, if you click the down arrow under My Listings, you can also select Team Listings or Company Listings.

4. Once the listing is selected, click on 'Create New Piece' beneath the listing details in the center of the page

5. Click on 'Slideshow'

6. Click on 'Choose This Form Factor' on the right hand side to move on to the next step

Use the down arrow to open a drop down menu and select the Number of Agents and/or the Language of the piece

8. Make a design selection by clicking on one of the thumbnails

9. In this new window click on 'Choose This Design' to proceed to the next step

Take a look at the Description and Suggested Uses for the selected design to ensure you've made a good choice. To return to the design gallery simply click 'Cancel' or click the 'X' in the top right hand corner of the window.

10. Name your piece, select thumbnails and language options

11. Click on the photo icon to manage your listing's photos

12. Upload new photos by dragging them in from your computer or click on 'Upload A File'

You can also re-order the images by dragging them under 'Images', add captions or delete images. Click on the 'Done' button button when finished or cancel if you don't wish to make or save changes.

13. Click on the text space to edit the listing's description.

14. Once you've finished modifying your text, click on 'Insert Text' to update it

15. Use the preview buttons to see what your piece looks like on different devices

16. Click on 'Next' to proceed to the next step

Click on 'Save' to save as a work in progress and return to this project at a later time.

17. Select a method of distribution by clicking on the corresponding icon

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