Adding a Testimonial

Updated Jul 08, 2020

Testimonials are not only a reflection of your credibility and expertise but also a way for people to see how doing business with you was a positive experience. It is a great feature to use to promote yourself and your business.

1. Access your Site Builder through the Jumptools Dashboard.

2. In the Page menu on the left click to expand the Testimonials chapter, and click to open the Testimonials page.

3. Click on the 'Testimonials' box to begin editing

4. Click on the 'Add Testimonial' button

5. Fill in the fields to your liking and write or paste the Testimonial you'd like to add

You can copy/paste your testimonial from an external source such as Word or another website. Be advised that some browsers will also copy the formatting from those sources. You can remove the formatting by highlighting the formatted text, and clicking "Remove Format" from the style editing bar.

Make sure to click the Close button when you've finished editing your Testimonial, other wise your testimonial will not be saved.

6. By clicking the 'Drag' button, you can reorder your testimonials.  Click 'Done' when finished editing

7. Click "Save" to save this page and Publish when you're ready to go live.

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

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