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Updated Apr 24, 2017

This one of the most important feature of your Jumptools website. To make sure your own Listings and your Office Listings are being displayed please create a CREA DDF feed.
Note: CREA DDF feed is not available in Quebec.  
Manitoba and Saskatchewan:
 CREA DDF is available for Member Website Feed only.  We can only automate their own listings.

1. From your Jumptools dashboard click on 'Edit My Website'

2. From the 'Page' menu on the left hand side, expand the 'Listings' chapter and click on the 'Listings' page underneath

3. Click on the 'Choose Listing Options' box

4. Choose the types of listings you want to display on your website

Listings types details
  • My Listings* - Displays a tab with your own Listings
  • Office Listings* - Displays a tab with either:
     - All brokerage listings - Displays a tab with listings from all the offices within your Brokerage
     - My location's listings only - Displays listings from your office only
  • Listings - Displays a link to listings search (opens in a new window)
  • Exclusive Listings - Display a tab with your Exclusive Listings
  • Other Link - Allows you to create a custom tab. You need to set the URL and the tab title

* can be combined in under the same tab, see step 5 below for more details

5. Set your displaying options and scroll back up to the Office Options tab

If you currently don't have any Listings, check the Combine box. That will prevent showing an emtpy page when clicking on My Listings

6. If you have enabled 'Office Listings' on step 4, this tab allows you to set filters to the Office listings you are displaying

7. Once you are done editing your 'Listings Options' click 'Done'

8. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the 'Builder Actions' palette and go to step '4: Publish'

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

9. Click 'Publish' to make your changes live

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