Setting Up a CREA DDF Feed for your Website

Updated Mar 21, 2019

To automatically display your listings on your website, as well as listings from your Brokerage, and/or listings from participating brokerages in the National Shared Pool, you will need to create a CREA DDF feed and participate in the National Shared Pool (NSP). It's a reciprocal agreement: agents participating in that pool will be able to display your listings and vice versa.

Before getting started you need to make sure your brokerage has set permissions for the DDF, and that they are participating in the NSP.  Click on the link below to download the instructions to create a DDF feed for your website.

1. Log in to your Realtor tools

Access your REALTOR resources at

2. Click "Access DDF" in the "REALTOR.CA Data Distribution Facility (DDF)" section

3. Click "Create/Edit Data Feeds" to create a new data feed.

Step 1 - Choose the type of Data Feed you would like to create

Select the "National Shared Pool"

If the "National Shared Pool" feed option is not available, your Brokerage might not have set permissions to be included in the NSP.  Contact your office administrator to inquire about adding the brokerage to the NSP.  

Step 2 - Identify who will operate your Data Feed.

Select "I will be engaging a 3rd Party Technology Provider to operate my Date Feed"

Step 3 - Select a Technology Provider

  1. Search for "Jumptools" in the searchbox provided
  2. Click the row for Jumptools. The row should be highlighted to indicate it has been selected.

Step 4 - Enter your Website URL

If you currently do not have a domain, you could use your Jumptools default address:

Step 5 - Please indicate if you would like to filter your Data Feed

Select "I want to use filters to limit the listings provided by the Data Feed"
"Step 5a" will open to display your filters.

Note: If you select "I want the Data Feed to PROVIDE ALL available listings", this will post listings from all of Canada, which can potentially slow down your website.

Step 5a - Please use the filters below to customize the listing content contained in your Data Feed  

Select "Show Filter and select your criteria" for Provinces and Uploading board
Add your province and uploading board to the Selected area.

Review your Data Feed and save it.  


4. In the next window, review your summary, the terms of service and Save to activate the feed.  

Allow up to 48 hours for the feed to appear on your website.  

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