Total Lifetime Value

Updated May 18, 2018

Total Lifetime Value allows you to measure how much business a Contact has brought, through purchase made or referrals, since you've had it in your Book. It shows you at a glance how profitable that person is to your business.

1. From the top menu bar click on 'My Book'

2. Go to 'Opportunities'

3. Search for a Contact and click on it to open its details, then go to 'Transaction History'

4. See the total Transaction History for this Contact and its Referrals

Here you have the breakdown of transactions made with that Contact and its referrals (money you made thanks to that Contact).

Only the numbers from the beginning of time are showing here, you cannot break it down by periods.

The Full Commission Amount being the most important value here as it represents how much money you have made thanks to that one person.

The Transaction Details will only show you the Total Transaction Amount for the selected Contact, not the Referrals. Open the Referrals Contact details for more information about their transactions.

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