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Export a Group

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In case you need to export a Group of Contacts to an Excel file sheet or another Contact manager software in a CSV file format

1. From 'My Book' go to any of the available tabs

2. Scroll down and click 'Export Contacts'

3. Select the Group(s) you want to export

To export one or several groups: in the Select Groups column click on the Group of your choice, then click on the single right arrow '>'. Repeat the operation if you want to add several Groups. Then click Start Download.

To export all your My Book Contacts: if you do not select any Group and click on Start Download you will export all your Contacts

4. You will see the 'Download Complete' message after your CSV file has been saved on your computer

You should be able to find the downloaded file in your web browser's download folder. File name is 'jumptools-contacts.csv'.

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