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Creating and using Groups to organize your Book

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In this section, you can sort your existing contacts into groups that make sense to you. A group can be anything – people you used to work with, contacts you met at a specific event, those who like hockey, people who have school-aged kids, you name it. And people can exist in multiple groups, so if Bob fits in with former colleagues and people who enjoy bowling, you can add him to both groups.

Creating a Group

1. On My Book go to the 'Groups' tab

2. Click the 'New Group' button to create a Group and add Contacts to it

When you import a Contact list from another CRM program or Outlook, it will appear here, as a Group, named with the following format 'Import_YYYY-MM-DD' (ie import_2018-04-12). It's a good way of keeping track of where your Contacts came from and when you brought them into My Book. Feel free to add those Contacts to other groups.

Group Actions

Allows you to print mailling labels for all Contacts of a group. Contacts of that Group must have a Street Address, City, Province and Postal Code in their Contact record

Send Emails

Allows you to send a bulk email to all Contacts of a group. Full instructions here.

Add Contacts

Allows you to add existing My Book Contacts or import them directly into that Group

New Group

Allows you to create a New Group

Delete a Group

To remove a Group from the 'Group Name' drop down menu

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