Embed a PDF on my Website

Updated May 14, 2020

You can add a PDF on any page of your website and make it available as a link, or you can fully embed the PDF within the frame of your webpage.

You can use 3rd party options such as Slideshare.net or Google Drive.  

Embed from Google Drive

1.2. Double click on the PDF to open it, click the three dots in the top right corner and select 'Open in new window'.

Make sure that link sharing is on and it is set that "Anyone with the link can view".

1.3. Click the three dots in the top right corner and select 'Embed item...'

1.4. Select the code and right click on it to 'Copy'

Upload a PDF and iFrame (Advanced)  

Please note that this method of embedding a PDF requires some knowledge of HTML coding.  This tutorial will include the basic code required, however if you require assistance, please contact Jumptools support.  Support for this method may be changed in the future.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

1.2. When the file is uploaded, preview this page.  

It is not necessary to publish the page.

1.4. The document will open in a new window. Look for the address of the document on the address bar.  

The address bar is usually at the top of your browser.  Highlight and copy the address of the PDF.  

1.5. This PDF can be embedded to your site using an iframe code. The basic code is as follows:  

<iframe src="-- PDF ADDRESS HERE --" height="600" width="600"> </iframe>  
  1. Replace  -- PDF ADDRESS HERE -- between the quotation marks with the full pdf address you copied
  2. Adjust the height and width as needed
  3. Add any additional iframe attributes if required.  


2. From the Page menu on the left, choose the page you want to add content to

3. From the Builder Actions palette, click on 'Add Paragraph'

4. Select the Multimedia type and paste the code

1. Click on the "Multimedia" tool (filmstrip icon)

2. Paste your code into the Embed box

3. Click on the Done button

After previewing, you can adjust the PDF's height by adjusting the height value.  

5. Make sure to 'Save' your changes and Publish to see your changes.

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

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