Managing the Menu: create, delete, rename, reorder Pages/Chapters

Updated Apr 16, 2020

Your website content is organized under "Chapters" on your website. The headings appear on the Navigation bar, with the sub-pages of each chapter appearing with the chapter.  You are able to organize your chapters by renaming them, changing their order of appearance, and adding or removing them.  

1. From your Jumptools dashboard click on 'Site Builder'

2. Click on 'Edit'

3. Your chapters are organized in the Page Menu section of your site builder.

This will bring you to your Content Editor.  The Page Menu is on the left column.

4. Click "Edit" on the page menu

While in edit mode, you will be able to create new chapters, reorder or rename chapters.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

5. Add a chapter.

Your content is organized into "Chapters". It could indicate a section of your website and/or a group of pages.  The Chapter names will appear as the headings (or tabs) on the website navigation bar.  

Click "Add a Chapter"

Edit Content - Google Chrome

Click on the "New Chapter" to rename the chapter.

A new chapter will include a new page.  

Edit Content - Google Chrome

Chapters must include at least one page, otherwise it will not appear in the navigation bar.

6. Click on 'Add Page' to add as many sub-pages as you need

Edit Content - Google Chrome
How to delete a Page or a Chapter

Only Pages and Chapter that you have created can be deleted. Just click on the small trash icon next to the name to remove it

7. Click on 'New Chapter' and 'New Page' to set a name

You can also rename any existing Chapter or Page on your website by clicking on the word. You must be in 'Edit' mode (step 2) to do so.

8. To reorder a Chapter or a Page, click and hold next to the item you want to move and then drag it up or down

9. Click on the "visible" icon to toggle the visibility of the chapter and/or page

This is helpful if you are working on a draft of your page content. You will be able to publish or republish your website content without this page being seen.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

10. When you have finished click the 'Done' button

To edit your page content, click "Done" to exit the Page Menu edit mode.

11. Save your changes at the bottom of the screen and go to "Publish" for your changes to go live.

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

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