eNewsletter Overview

Updated Mar 27, 2020

An eNewsletter is a scheduled email with the option to seamlessly add both article and listing content to styled email template. Your eNewsletter can be sent to any Contact in ‘My Book’ with express consent and provides a simple way to stay in touch people in ‘My Book’. 

Franchise-provided content

Jumptools provides quarterly eNewsletter templates for all agents. Each issue will have two banner header options to choose from when scheduling your eNewsletter. Selecting an eNewsletter allows you to personalize your eNewsletter with a short message as well as feature up to three active listings.

Custom eNewsletters

With custom eNewsletters, you can create your own eNewsletter content from the ground up. Just like the standard eNewsletter, you have the ability to feature your listings in the body of the email. The main benefit of using a custom eNewsletter is having the ability to feature your own articles or articles from our library.

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