Email Blast Summary

Updated Mar 23, 2020

You can use the Blast email function to send out a one-time email that can be ad-hoc in nature.  Messages can be sent out to your contacts, leads, or business colleagues. Your email will be sent formatted in a professional, mobile-friendly layout with branded graphics to help your messaging stand out.  You will be able to track if your sent emails and if it has been received, opened or if it has bounced.

Video Overview:

1. From your Jumptools dashboard, click on 'Campaigns' from the top menu bar

2. Click on 'Manage Blast Emails' to view your email blast summary

3. View and Manage your Email Blast Summary or create a new eBlast

Your Current Drafts section is for emails that have not yet been sent out, you can further edit these emails from this window.

4. You can choose between a Blank templates or Standard templates

  • Standard templates (1): if you would like to take advantage of prewritten content to send out quickly to your contacts, or a group of contacts. This content is available for different occasions and formatted with branded graphics as well as your information.
  • Blank templates (2): available if you would like to customize your own messaging.

5. Once the template selected you can manage email content, delivery date/time and recipient list

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