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Create a business card

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Use the Studio to create your own Business Cards

1. Click on 'Studio' from the top menu bar

2. Click on 'Promote My Business' in the left hand menu

3. In the left hand menu, select a Persona

4. Click on 'Create New' to begin working on a new piece

You can manage your Personas by using the 'Delete' buton or set a Persona as your default.

5. Select 'Business Card' from the list of marketing materials

6. Click on 'Choose This Form Factor' to begin editing

7. Use the drop down menus to filter your choices by Number of Agents and/or Language

8. Click 'Next' in the bottom right hand corner to continue

You can Save your work if you want to leave and return to this project at a later time.

9. Select your distribution method by clicking on the corresponding box

10. Use these buttons to manage your new project

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