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Adding a Google Analytics Code


As an alternative to the Jumptools Site Statistics page, Google Analytics is available through Google that can provide you with information about your site visitors. You are able to measure how your traffic reaches your website, and how they move through, which would be especially helpful if you would like to provide specific content based on what your visitors are doing.

Please note that Jumptools does not provide additional training or support for Google Analytics.  For Google Analytics support, visit their Help Center: https://support.google.com/analytics

1. Go to analytics.google.com and sign in

Go directly to "Analytics" if you are already logged into your Google account.

2. Follow the instructions to create a property

Fill out Account Name field (1) , the  Website Name (2), the Website URL  (3).  Select your appropriate Industry Category (4) and "Canada" as the Reporting Time Zone (5).

3. Click on "Get Tracking ID"

Under "Data Sharing Settings" you may leave the default options selected. Click on "Get Tracking ID". Accept the Google Analytics Terms o Service agreement.  

4. Find your tracking code on the following page. Copy this code to your clipboard.

To copy to clip board, highlight what you would like to copy, right-click and select "copy" from the right-click menu.  You can also use the PC keyboard short-cut "CTRL C"

5. Log into your Jumptools account and go to your Site Builder

6. Click on "Edit Your Website" and go to "Step 1: General Information"

7. Scroll down to section d. Google Analytics

8. Paste your copied Google code.

Right-click and select "paste" from the right-click menu to paste the most recent item from your clipboard. You can also use the PC keyboard short-cut "CTRL V"

9. Save this page

10. Go to Step 4: Publish and click on "Publish"

11. To see your Google Analytics stats, return to http://analytics.google.com

To see your Google Analytics status, or to find your tracking code, in Google Analytics, go to your "Admin" section (1)

Under the "Property" column (2) , look for the "Tracking Info" section (3)  and select to open.  Click on "Tracking Code" (4)  from the menu.  

You will be able to see  if the code was found on your website and what your traffic status is.  

Visit https://support.google.com/analytics to learn more about Google Analytics.

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