Adding Personalized Content to your Website

Updated May 07, 2020

You can add your own content to any page of your website by Adding a Paragraph and choosing formatting options.

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1. Access your Site Builder through the Jumptools Dashboard.

2. In the "Edit Content" page, click on the Chapter where you want to add content to expand its pages, then click on the Page you want to add content to

To mark your chapters and pages as visible, make sure the "eye" icon is selected. To hide the chapter or page, deselect the icon.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

3. On the top and bottom of your page, you will see the content palette. Select "Add Paragraph"

Edit Content - Google Chrome

4. This will add a new box at the bottom of the Page which you can edit, use the options in the top bar for different types of content

Edit Content - Google Chrome

See the Paragraph Types section below for more details on each type of Paragraph and how to use them.

Learn more about Paragraph formats
Text editor

Add your messaging here as basic text. Use the text editors (1) for more options to style and format your content.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

Use the 'Link URL' and 'Link Text' fields to create a link to an external link.

Edit Content - Google Chrome
Text with left/right align image

Select this format to align an image on the left or the right of your text. You can select your own image or one from our stock library.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

The Image tool allows you to upload a single image into a paragraph.

Add a short description or caption in the "Alt Text".  This helps describe the image in case the image cannot be seen or does not load.

Edit Content - Google Chrome

The Multimedia tool allows you to embed third party media widgets or custom code. Click here for more details on the multimedia tool

Edit Content - Google Chrome

5. When you've finished adding content to your Paragraph, click 'Done'

Edit Content - Google Chrome

6. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the 'Builder Actions' palette and click "Publish" to publish.

Preview your changes before saving and publishing

Edit Content - Google Chrome
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