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Updated May 03, 2017

An Open House is a good opportunity to increase your listing's visibility. Before it happens, you want to make sure it's properly advertised online, but more specifically on your website.

The Open House box as well as the Open House flag on the listing picture will start being displayed 7 days before its scheduled beginning date/time.

If your Open House information was added to the listing's details at the board level please jump to step 4 as they will be synchronized automatically.

1. Click on 'Listings' from the top menu bar

2. From the 'Active' or 'MLS®' tab look for your listing and click on 'Manage Open House'

3. Update your Open House schedule and click 'Save Changes'

4. From the top menu bar go to 'Site Builder'

5. Click on 'Edit My Website'

6. This should bring you to Step 3: Edit Content

7. Scroll down the page to the 'Open House' box, click on it to Edit it

8. Check the 'Enabled' box and click 'Done'

9. Click and hold the 'Drag' button to change the position of the Open House on the Home page

Do not hesitate to move up the Open House box, so it can be the first thing visitors see when they land on your Home page. The box will start being displayed automatically 7 days before the Open House beginning date/time and will disappear after.

10. Make sure to Save your changes in the Builder Actions palette and go to step 4: Publish

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

11. Click Publish to make your changes live

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