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Updated May 17, 2018

Stay organized by scheduling your Appointments/Todos into My Book or Calendar. Reminder notifications will help you stay on track and not miss anything scheduled.

There are different way you can schedule an appointment using your CRM

By logging an activity (on the mains Contact pages)

1. From one of the main Contact pages, locate the Contact of your choice and click on 'Log an activity'

2. Fill out the above section (with 'Contact Type', date and 'Note') and the section below, 'Next Step' that will create an event in your Calendar

By scheduling an activity (on a Contact record page)

1. Locate the Contact of your choice and click on its name to open it

2. Click on the '+' sign in the 'Scheduled Activites' section

3. Fill out the event details and click 'Save'

By creating a Calendar event

1. From the top menu bar go to 'Calendar'

2. Click on the 'Appt' button to create an appointment/event and on the 'Todo' button to create a task

3. Fill out the appointment details and type in the name of your Contact

All created appointment/task will be visible on the 'Calendar' page

On the day of the event you will also get a reminder notification from the Calendar icon in the top menu bar

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