Manually Create a New Contact

Updated Feb 20, 2019

1. Begin the process by clicking on 'My Book'

2. Next, click on the 'New Contact' button

3. Specify whether this new contact is a 'Lead/Prospect', 'Contact/Client' (by default) or a 'Business Contact'

Each Contact Record Type have sub Categorization options you can choose from to better organize your contacts. See below:


Grade A being the highest - when your Contact has the most chances to convert into an opportunity

4. On the form below you must enter at least the contact’s first or last name. Of course, you should also add email address and telephone number if you have that information.

Make sure you fill out the CASL section accordingly. Remember, if you don't have CASL consent checked off, the system will prevent you from sending emails to that contact - for your protection. More information on CASL Consent here.

5. Once you are done filling out the basic information, you can add details on the detailed Contact record.

Depending on the Contact Record Type chosen in Step 2, go to the tab My Contacts, My Leads or Business Contacts

6. Browse the Contact tabs on the left to input additional details

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