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QR Code Overview

Updated Oct 22, 2021

You can create a reusable QR Code to add to your marketing materials that can be scanned by a QR Code reader on a smart phone. These would then link to your contact information or a website.   You can edit the information that the QR Code links to through your Jumptools QR Code manager.  

1. From your  Jumptools dashboard, click "QR Codes" on the top navigation bar.

2. To add a QR Code, click "Add a New QR Code"

3. Select a URL QR Code or a Contact QR Code

Creating a URL QR Code will create a code that links to a website

Creating a Contact QR Code will upload your contact information to a user's mobile contact book.  

3.1. Creating a Contact QR Code

Complete the contact information. This is the information that will be added to a user's contact book when they scan the code.  

3.2. Create a URL QR Code

Add the address for the QR Code.  (This can be edited or changed)

4. Download the QR Code

Download the QR Code in step 3

You can download a small file (150x150 pixels), medium (1200x1200 pixels), or large (3000x3000 pixels).  

Use small or medium files in your digital marketing. Large files are recommended for printing. For best results, do not distort or edit the QR Code image itself.

5. Managing Your QR Codes

You can edit, re-download, view analytics and delete your QR Codes on the main page.

To change a QR Code's website address, click on "Edit" and edit the address on the next page.  You will not have to re-download or reprint the QR Code.  

Each QR Code created with the Jumptools QR Code manager will have an identifying number, so you can reference this when you need to make edits.  

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