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Overview of the Mailing List Manager

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This article will have an overview of how to manage your Newsletter Contacts through the Direct Mail Manager.    

1. Access your Direct Mail Manager through your Jumptools dashboard by clicking "Direct Mail - Beta"

Please note that any changes you make to your mailing list after the cut-off date will be applied to your following distribution.

2. Select the Mail Product you'd like to manage

Jumptools Direct Mail currently includes Newsletters, Postcards and Calendars.  You can manage each of your product distribution lists separately. Make sure you select the product tab before heading to the list manager.

3. Click "Create Recipient" to add a new entry to your direct mail contacts

4. "Add from CRM" to add an existing contact from your Jumptools CRM

5. Click "Show Titles" to view contact titles in a column

6. Manage your Greetings for Signature Series products

7. Manage invalid addresses

You can view contacts with only invalid addresses to make it easier to correct by clicking "Address Errors Only" 

This will validate Canadian addresses only.  Contacts with invalid addresses will not be included in the distribution list and will not be added to the charge.

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