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Subscriptions and Payment Settings

Updated Oct 29, 2021

Review your account settings or process payments under the "Account tab".  You can set up your preferred payment methods and auto-renewals, save your credit card information, review past receipts and renew your subscriptions here.

1. Account details will appear on your Jumptools dashboard under "Account Info"

Details of your subscription and expiry dates will appear on the dashboard.  If your subscription has expired or close to renewal date, it will prompt the links to the payment screen on this page.

2. Click on the "Account" tab for more details about your subscription

Hover over "account" tab for the settings menu.

Select "Subscriptions and payments"

3. Subscriptions: review and/or renew your active subscriptions

You can set your subscription to "automatic renewal".  You will be notified within a month of your renewal date. If you turn this option off, payment will not be automatically processed.

To renew your subscription, click "Renew" and fill out your credit card information on the following page.  

  1. Your credit card details are saved here. You can add additional cards and select which one you would like to use
  2. Subscription information including applicable taxes will can be reviewed here
  3. If you have been given a discount code, this can be applied here.
  4. Click "proceed" to continue with payment

4. Payment Profile: Review your saved payment methods

Under this tab, you can review (1), add (2), and/or delete(3) existing payment methods.

5. Receipts: review your receipts

You can review your payment history and receipts from the last three years

Click "View Receipt". This will open your printable receipt in a new window.

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