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Managing Client Portal Registration

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Visitors can sign up on your website to register a personal account with the Client Portal This will allow them to review their favourite listings, recent listings and saved searches.  If the website owner has enabled registration, they can also make it a requirement to sign up to view full listing details.    

42 UNIVERSAL WAY, TORONTO, ON A2A 2A2 - Listings - Rachel Gordon, Jumptools Inc. - Google Chrome

2. Go to "General Information"

Edit Content - Google Chrome

3. Go to the "Lead Capture and Sharing Options" section

General Information - Google Chrome

4. Enable the Personal Account Sign-up  

This will allow the Sign-up/Sign-in option on your website.  Visitors will be able to view all listings and full listing details, view saved searches, recent listings and their favourite listings.  

General Information - Google Chrome

5. Enable the requirement for visitor registration to explore neighbourhood data

If this is enabled, visitors will be able to view the set amount of listings, after which they will be required to sign up to view more listing details and explore the neighbourhood data on the map.  

General Information - Google Chrome

The website owner can set between 1 and 10 views before the requirement is set.  

6. Click "Save" to save your settings.  Click "Next" to return to "Edit Content" and Publish your website for your changes to go live.

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