Listing Kits Overview

Updated Mar 26, 2019

Different pieces are available to you when you want to promote a listing. From the Feature Sheet, to the Postcard the Slideshow or the Single Property Website, you have options.
Listing Kits are a time saver. They allow you to create a set of marketing pieces and have them ready to be shared as soon as you have a new listing.

1. From your Jumptools dashboard, click on 'Studio' from the top menu bar

2. Go to 'Cruise Control' in the 'Studio' menu

3. Create your default Listing Kit

  1. Make sure Enable Listing Kits is checked
  2. Select the theme of your Listing Kit, the live preview shows on the left hand side
  3. Check the pieces you want to include in your Listing Kit
  4. Save

4. Go to 'Promote a Listing' in the 'Studio' menu

5. On the left and side make sure to select your 'Active Listings' and click on the listing you want to promote

6. In the 'To Be Approved' section under the piece of your choice click on 'Review piece'  

7. Follow the wizard to edit your piece and have it ready to be shared (only steps 4 and 5)

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