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Updated Mar 05, 2019

We understand that you want your website to be a lead generating platform. To achieve this goal a key element is your website content. Is your content valuable enough to keep your visitors' interest? Is it so valuable that your visitors are willing to leave their contacts details so:
- they can reach out to you
- they can subscribe to your newsletter
- they can unlock the access to more valuable content on your website

This article will help you make content available to your visitor only if they provide their contact details. It's a strategy you can use to unlock 'high value' content only to potential leads. It could be anything you want: a limited offer, an article, a draw, a file to download, etc...

This is one the lead capture strategies being used on the internet nowadays. We can't guarantee results using this method but we are happy to provide you with the instructions to set it up as this can definitely help. 

To maximize your chances of success make sure your website already offers quality content to your visitors.

* The following is recommended for intermediate to advanced users*

Create destination page with high value content

1. From your Jumptools dashboard go to 'Site Builder'

2. Click on 'Edit'

3. In the 'Pages' menu on the left hand side, click on 'Edit'

4. Click on 'Add Chapter'

5. Click on the words 'New Chapter' and 'New Page' to rename them

6. If your Chapter contains more than one Page, your URL structure will be different. Please read below:

URL Structure

The way you create your Chapter and Page(s) will determine the page URL.
Whether a Chapter has only one Page or more, the URL structure will be different:
- one page: URL structure will be
- more than page: URL structure will be
(if there is a space in the Chapter or Page name it will be replaced by an hypen in the URL)

The website used for this tutorial is
Based on the screenshot at step 4 URL Structure would be:
Based on the screenshot at step 5 URL Structure would be:

Write down your page's URL now as you will need it later in this process

7. Type your Page name in the 'Page Title' field

2- To make sure this page doesn't show up in your website menu and is only accessible when the form is filled out, uncheck the box Include in Menu

8. Click on 'Add Paragraph' from the 'Builder Actions' palette

9. Create your high value content

This is where you create the content that will be unlocked to visitors filling out the form on the Home page

  1. Select the type of Paragraph you want to create (text only, text with image, video, file download, etc..)
  2. Add the content
  3. Click Done when you are finished

10. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the 'Builder Actions' palette

Feel free to Preview your changes before/after saving

Create lead capture form

1. In the top Menu bar go to 'My Book'

2. Click on 'Advanced'

3. Under Lead Capture for Third-Party Website, click 'Generate Form'

4. Select the fields you want for your form, add the 'Return URL', 'Tracking ID' and create the form

  1. Add the fields you want for your form (from left to right). Keep in mind the visitors don't like to be overwhelmed with personal questions, so keep it simple.
  2. The Return URL is the one you have created above
  3. The Tracking ID is basically the name you want to give to that form. So when you will get leads (by email or My Book) you will know where they are coming from.
  4. Click on Create English Form / Create French Form to copy the HTML code

5. Click on the code to highlight it in blue and right click on it to Copy

Insert form on website

1. From the top menu bar click on 'Site Builder'

2. Click on 'Edit'

3. On the 'Builder Actions' palette on the left hand side click 'Add Paragraph'

If you do not wish to put the form on your Home page feel free to select a different page from the Page

4. Select a Text only or Tex+Image Paragraph and paste the code in the 'Body Text' section

We usually recommend pastings codes (HTML, CSS, Javascript...) in a Multimedia Paragraph. In this case pasting in the Body Text section will allow you to have more formatting options around the form.

If the Subtitle field is not enough, you can use the ByLine field or write a small paragraph above the code.

Once you have pasted the code, click Done to see the form.

The form is displayed in the Paragraph without its styling. Click on Preview in the Builder Actions to see how the form will really look like on your website.

Follow up with your website leads

When visitors fill out the form to have access to your "locked" content, you will be notified by email and your new lead will also appear in My Book.

You can then start Nurturing your Leads.

1. In the top Menu bar go to 'My Book'

2. Click on 'My Leads'

3. Under 'My Leads' you will find all your latest leads with their source

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