Create and Edit a Single Property Website

The Studio has design templates for slideshows that you can use for your marketing materials. See also Design Gallery section.

1. Go to the Studio

4. Choose a design

5. Click on 'Choose This Design'

6. Select the Listing for which you want to create your Single Property Website and click 'Next'

  • Use the drop down menu at the top left corner to display your Team listings
  • You can choose whether you want to display your 'Active Listings' or 'Inactive Listings'

7. Edit your Single Property Website

1- Name your Single Property Website (ie 645 Hello St)
2- Select the language(s) you want to use
3- Use the 'Edit Menu Items' to reorder/edit the menu items

8. Scroll down to keep editing your site

Click on the text boxes and links to edit them

9. Click 'Save' if you want to finish your work later, otherwise click 'Next'

10. Click 'Enable Site' to make it active

If you don't have a custom domain name for your Site, make sure to take note of the Website default link to access the site and share it with people.
Click View Website to go directly to the newly published Site.

  • If you have a Google Analytics code for your site you can paste it here
  • If you use a custom domain name paste the address in the External URL field

11. Scroll down and click 'Close' when you are finished