Editing Existing Content on your Website

You can edit existing content on any page of your website by adding/modifying a Paragraph and choosing formatting options.

1. From your Jumptools dashboard click on 'Edit My Website'

2. Click on the Chapter where you want to add content to expand its pages, then click on the Page you want to add content to

Make sure the Chapters and Pages you want to be visible on your website are checked on

3. In the center of the page, locate the Paragraph you need to edit and click on it

4. Edit the content within the Paragraph (you can also change the type of the Paragraph you are currently editing)

See the Paragraph Types section below for more details on each type of Paragraph and how to use them.

Paragraph types

Text editor

The Text Editor is mainly used for plain text but you can copy and paste images that are already uploaded to your website.

Use the 'Link URL' and 'Link Text' fields to create a button to an external link.

Text with left/right align image

The Text and Image tool allows you to add a text Paragraph juxtaposed with an image of your choice. Either upload your own image or choose from our image library.


The Image tool allows you to upload a single image into a paragraph.


The Mulimedia tool allows you to embed third party widgets or custom code. Click here for more details on the multimedia tool

The Internal Links tool allows you to create quick links to pages within your website. Just check off the page youwant to link to and add a descripion of the page or the content of the page.

Use the Related Files tool to attach PDF files to your website's page. Simply drag the file directly from your computer into the red area or click on 'Upload a File' to browse your computer

5. When you've finished editing the content of your Paragraph, click 'Done'

6. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the 'Builder Actions' palette and go to step '4: Publish'

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

7. Click 'Publish' to make your changes live