Action Plans Summary

Action plans are tasks to complete at set dates or times to help you in organizing your contacts with your clients. The tasks range from administrative, such as adding a contact to your newsletter, to sending out emails or scheduling appointments.

 Campaigns allows you choose from a variety of action plans suited to leads, contacts or clients with different motivations or schedules. You are able to customize action plans or create new ones to suit your personal workflow.

You will most likely plan out a set of tasks to keep in contact with them, and ensure that they are getting the best service and prompt communication from you. Adding them to one of the preset action plans takes much of that planning process off your plate so you can instead concentrate on selling their properties or finding them new ones. The action plans will help keep your schedule and process organized and keep an account of your activities.

1. From your Jumptools dashboard, click on 'Campaigns' from the top menu bar

2. Click on 'Manage Action Plans' to begin editing or creating a plan

3. The 'Action Plan Manager' displays a list of Actions Plans already created and ready to be used

4. Click on the plan name to edit it or click on 'Add new Action Plan' to start one from scratch

5. By clicking on a plan's name you can edit its taks and add contacts to this plan