Drip Campaigns Overview

Drip email campaigns, or stay-in-touch campaigns, are series of emails sent out at predetermined intervals for your leads. They are a great way to automate and standardize your sales processes and your outbound client stay-in-touch communication

The overall goal is improve your lead conversions and increase referral flow from your sphere of influence and past clients. When you get in touch with a lead, there’s a better chance of that lead turning into a client if they remember you and you stay in the forefront of their minds as a real estate expert. To help that purpose, you can send out informative emails at certain dates which serves to help inform your leads and also so they remember you. 

Drip campaign emails are professionally written and formatted with up-to-date relevant content and branded graphics.  

To get started, learn about how to add contacts to an action plan or a drip campaign. You could also send an email blast to a number of contacts or customize your next eNewsletter.

If you haven't got any contacts in My Book yet, please start by adding contacts. Campaigns need contacts in order to operate.

See your Active Campaigns from the Drip Campaign Summary

Preview, customize, add/remove Contacts to your Campaign from the Drip Campaign manager